Intelligent LED Guide 

Built with specially designed LED flashing lamps,UNITED 3D is capable to transmit and receive data of dynamic measurement, then monitor the entire process effectively at real-time mode.





03_3D Wheel Aligner

High Resolution Camera

Mounted with two imported high-resolution cameras and coupled with stable centralized computer system, it makes possible to process a rapid shot of as high as 15 frames per second, this ensuring of the measurement to be displayed continuously.

Newly Black Tech

Made of special polymeric material with high resistance, more durable and sun-filter, service life up to ten years, suitable for different working conditions.

Cross Diagonal and Wheel

Identify vehicle frame or structural conditions before alignment adjustment.

i-TOE 1 function: No steering

Ensure a straight wheel every time without repeated adjustment or using a steering wheel holder.

More vehicles can be aligned!

Turn the front wheels left or right and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centered toe readings. Reduce the redundant steps in front toe adjustment. Adjust front toe easily and fast.

2-post and mini scissor lift jack up Adjustment

After alignment measurement, the values can be frozen for 2-post and mini scissor lift jack up adjustment.

Engine Cradle Adjust

Provide visual reference for simultaneous S.A.I and caster adjustment for vehicles with front sub-frames or cradles.

Free Rolling Compensation

There is no need to do complex wheel compensation for the wheel theoretic plane. Only one pushing measurement is needed to complete the precision measuring in order to shorten testing time.

Rich Help Videos

View detailed videos of how to make needed adjustments to complete even the most complex tasks.

Measurement Range and Accuracy

Measurement Function: toe, camber, caster, kingpin inclination, setback, thrust angle

Measurement Range and Accuracy