Product Description:


Most steam washers utilize a combination of water and steam in a variety of cycles to do good things for your laundry. Essentially, steam boosts the temperature inside the washer drum, causing fibers to relax and more efficiently absorb water, releasing deep-down dirt and stains.






Main features

  1. Water consumption only 1.5-2.5L per minute.
  2. 60 degree hot water, strong detergency, it's unnecessary to add chemical liquid.
  3. Steam-water mixing technology to achieve powerful pressure with less water
  4. Be used for car washing, engine washing, carpet cleaning, indoor cleaning etc.
  5. It's durable and reliable and less maintenance.


Power supply _______ 220V,50HZ (380V,50HZ optional)

Power                                  4100W (6100W optional)

Water consumption-1.5-2.51./min

Steam pressure-5.9 bar

Capacity of water tank--57L

Machine size —                   900X460X800mm

Machine weight-            --75kg