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Nitrogen Generator E-1135B-N2P

nitrogen generator

E-1135B-N2P Specifications:

  • Generates nitrogen from your compressed air
  • Internal nitrogen storage tank
  • Auto-start inflation
  • Automatic zero drift adjustment Remain at last setting
  • Audible and visual end of the cycle signal indicators
  • Self-diagnostic features
  • Vandal resistant mechanical switches
  • Large back light LCD display
  • 2 Nos.*8M/26ft standard hoses with single clip-on closed chuck
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and error reporting
  • Nitrogen purge and fill cycle (N2P)
  • Nitrogen purity test port
  • Adjustable over pressure setting (OPS)
  • Adjustable number of cycles
  • Adjustable lower purge pressure limit
  • 2 air outlets allow simultaneous inflation of up to 2 tires
  • 1 Nos. Nitrogen Outlet to connect the unit and your tire inflation gun

E-1135B-N2P Operation Steps:

  • Set final target pressure using the + and - buttons. The LCD screen will show the target pressure.
  • Connect air hose(s) to tire valve stem(s).
  • FOR TOP-OFF ONLY: Push the “FILL/PURGE” button once.
  • FOR NITROGEN CONVERSION: Push and hold the “FILL/PURGE” button for 2 seconds until the LCD screen shows “N2P”.
  • When unit “beeps” and the LCD screen flashes the target pressure, tyre inflation is complete.

E-1135B-N2P Technical Data Summary

  • Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth) 1260mm*450mm*590mm 49.6"*17.7"*23.2"
  • Net Weight 72kg/159lbs
  • Gross Weight 89kg/196lbs
  • Packing Size (Height*Width*Depth) 1380mm*730mm*510mm 54.3"*28.7"*20.1"
  • Power Requirement 100-240Vac 50/60HZ
  • Power Consumption 30VA
  • Operating Temperature Range -20℃/-4°F to 70℃/158°F
  • Compressed Air Input Range 87-123PSI/6-8.5bar /600-850kPa
  • Compressed Air Input Flow 250L/min (8.0cfm)
  • Nitrogen Purity 95-99+%
  • Nitrogen Output 61L/min (2.1cfm )@116PSI/8bar /800kPa Absorption pressure
  • Maximum Nitrogen Pressure in Tank 102PSI/7bar/700kPa
  • Operating Range 5-90PSI/0.3-6.2bar/35-620kPa
  • Resolution 1PSI/0.1bar/5kPa
  • Units of Measurement PSI/bar/kPa